When I take a walk in the morning, I hear the birds are singing in the trees
But I’m usually in such a hurry; I don’t listen to what they’re saying to me.

They say, “It’s a good day, cause you know you’re alive
Give your life meaning and you will get by
Do what you say and say what you feel
It’s a good day to mean what you say.”

If I took all of my yesterdays and lined them up with all of my tomorrows
I am reminded to take each opportunity, and not leave them till the day that follows,
Or the next day, and then maybe lose my chance

When I take a walk in the morning, I hear the birds singing happily in the trees
Sometimes I listen to their secrets, and they teach me their philosophy
They say, “Take a chance, if you feel like dancing,
Then go ahead and dance, or start a new romance
Don’t waste your time on superficial things
Concentrate your efforts on what laughter brings.” 

Birds don’t waste their energy on yesterday, they don’t focus on imagined tomorrows
They only see what’s in front of them, they don’t wonder about what will follow 
They just fly away, and they keep on singing their song

Now when I take a walk in the morning, I say hello to my feathered friends in
The trees
Then I stop and talk to my neighbor, we laugh and pet his dog Louise

*   *   *   *

"Philosophy of Birds" is a song lyric by Victoria Fuller. Check back soon for a recording of the song. 
Victoria Fuller is an award winning professional artist and singer/songwriter who has shown extensively throughout the United States at galleries, museums, corporations, municipalities, and public parks. She received a BA from Regis College in Denver and an MFA from SAIC. In 1986 she received a fellowship award from the Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities, in 2000 she received a Fellowship Award from the Illinois Art Council, and an Illinois Arts Council CAAP Grant in 2010. Her large-scale outdoor sculpture “Shoe of Shoes” created for the Fifth Annual International Sculpture Exhibition at Navy Pier in Chicago, was in The Really Big Shoe Show at City Museum in St. Louis, is now at Brown Shoe Company, in St. Louis. Another large-scale sculpture, Global Garden Shovel, was commissioned by Sound Transit in Seattle and is installed along the public transit line, in the Columbia City plaza. http://www.victoriafullerart.comhttp://www.reverbnation.com/victoriafuller


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