"Beach" by Daniel Blochwitz
"bellum omnium contra omnes"
by Steven Schroeder
Birds in Lagos -- field recording
by Emeka Ogboh
Enantiodromia by Guillamette Johnston
Ex Votive Series by Irene Gennaro
"Extinction" by Allan Johnston
February Stream
by Rick Zimmerman
"The First Billboard" by Janet Culbertson
"Harvesting Isotopes" by Julie Weber
In the Garden of Live Flowers (excerpt)
by Lynne Conner & Attilio Flavorini
"Listen Here" by Dave Frishberg --
performed by Nellie McKay
Mother & Child by Laurie Turner
mushrooms by Joel Robbins
Pacific Coast
by Rick Zimmerman
Perfect Storm by David Cohen
"Quick Fall of Light" (excerpt)
by Sherri Woodley
Rachel Carson & JFK by Joe Ciardiello
"Rachel's Birds"  by Dan Godston
Ringstead by Joe Stevens
"Silent Spring Speaks" by Joel Robbins
Sousa's Pond and other photographs
by Ann Privateer
"the toxic drum" by Steve Dalachinsky
UpNorth by Barry Smylie
without maps or manifest
by Christopher Reiger
"The Wood" by Donna Clovis

This "Silent Spring at 50" google map includes organizations and individuals that have done work that relates to Rachel Carson and Silent Spring. Click here to view the map in a larger window, and check back soon for more updates. 

View Silent Spring at 50 in a larger map
The Borderbend Arts Collective is working with other partnering organizations to present "Celebrating Silent Spring at 50." This includes creative responses to Silent Spring and celebrations of Rachel Carson's life and legacy -- with events, artistic expression (such as writings, music & visual art), and more. One of this program's goals is for people and organizations from each of the U.S.'s 50 states to contribute to "Celebrating Silent Spring at 50." 

We are also looking for contributions from people around the world, which seems to resonate with the global reach of how Carson's legacy can be found around the world. 

The Borderbend Arts Collective invites the public to contribute to "Celebrating Silent Spring at 50." We are looking for writings, 2D artworks (collages, paintings, photographs), writings (poetry, fiction, other writing genres), and multidisciplinary works. 
Here are some ideas to consider: 
  • What are some aspects of Rachel Carson's legacy that you find most important and fascinating? 
  • What is your favorite passage in Silent Spring?
  • What are some important ideas Rachel Carson put forward in Silent Spring that you think still resonate with us today?
  • What are some problems introduced in Silent Spring which still persist today?  
Your submission could respond to one or more of those aforementioned questions. If your submission is accepted, it will appear on this website, on one of the "Media Galleries" pages. Please email info@borderbend.org, with Silent Spring at 50 in the subject line, to receive the complete guidelines. Submissions will be accepted through December 15, 2012.