Owens Huckins Bird Sanctuary
Powder Pt. in Duxbury, MA


Bird tours by Peter Alden, naturalist and author  
Children song: “The Earth Is Our Mother”
Duxbury Honorary Proclamation: read by Betsy Sullivan, ex-selectman

Emily Averna: a passage from Silent Spring

Karen Gray: Executive Director of Wildlands Trust, panel moderator

Deborah Donovan: environmentalist and event hostess. Senior Consultant at Sustainable Energy Advantage (Natick, MA)
Distinguished Guest Panel
Roger Payne: founder and CEO of Ocean Alliance

Lisa Harrow: (Roger’s wife) actress and author of What Can I Do?

Peter Alden: author and naturalist

Sherrida Woodley: author of Quick Fall of Light

Rob Garrity: director of MA Climate Action Network (MCAN)

Emily Averna: 2012 BA Environmental Studies at Washington University 

Betty Anderson: founding member of Manomet; saved 100 acres in Middleboro, MA
This property once belonged to Olga Owens Huckins, a writer and friend of Rachel Carson. This year is the 50th anniversary of Carson’s world famous book Silent Spring. In her acknowledgments Carson begins by saying, “In a letter written in January 1958, Olga Owens Huckins told me of her own bitter experience of a small world made lifeless, and now brought my attention sharply back to a problem with which I had long been concerned. I then realized I must then write this book.” This letter from Huckins referred to her small bird sanctuary where DDT sprayings were killing birds as well as beneficial insects. Huckins wrote many articles about these chemical sprayings, as well as a personal letter to Carson that inspired her to write Silent Spring. On Linda Lear’s Rachel Carson website www.rachelcarson.org. Go to the “Rachel’s Traces” page to see photographs of this property. 
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