starting on Thursday, September 27, 
and running throughout autumn 2012

locations: nationwide & around the world 
The Borderbend Arts Collective presents "Silent Spring & Autumn 2012," which begins 50 years (to the day!) after the publication of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. "Silent Spring & Autumn 2012," which involves individuals and organizations nationwide, happens during the Seventh Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival, and it continues throughout autumn 2012. 

Borderbend has an open call for contributions to Silent Spring & Autumn 2012. Here are several possibilities--
  • You could organize and/or participate in an event that commemorates the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring’s publication—on Thursday, September 27. Such an event could be a poetry reading, concert, or some other public event. 
  • You could mark that date in some other way—by privately celebrating that book, as well as Rachel Carson’s legacy. 
  • You could create something (a poem, painting, song, etc.) which is inspired by Silent Spring or another aspect of Rachel Carson’s legacy. 
  • Your event and/or creative response might respond to one or more of these questions -- 1) How are you planning to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring’s publication?, 2) What hopes do you have for our environment, nature, and our planet—which resonate with the hopes and ideals that Rachel Carson had? 
If you’d like to participate in "Silent Spring & Autumn 2012," email, with Silent Spring / Chicago Calling in the subject line. 

Info about “Silent Spring & Autumn 2012” events and contributions will appear at: Updates regarding "Silent Spring & Autumn 2012” will be sent out via Borderbend’s website, facebook, twitter, and so on.