Duración / Length:   2’ 05” min

September 2012 

Medea, jealous of Jason’s new bride, gave her a poisoned robe. The bride died instantly. As Rachel Carson writes in Silent Spring, we are also now becoming  masters of death by indirection. We transform other living creatures into poison. Death elixirs -- we don’t recognize the devils of our own creation.

Silent devils most of the times.

Like radiation.

I mixed the buzzing and beeping of the UVB-76[1] station streaming alive (recorded on September 18th at 11pm) with the rustling of trees in different frequencies (recorded on September 3rd at 1pm at the ecological reserve of the Pedregal de San Angel, Mexico City) while my computerized voice reconstructed three brief phrases from Rachel Carson’s book. It’s a small way to celebrate its 50th anniversary. 
The UVB-76 station or Buzzer, has been associated frequently with the so-called Dead Man’s hand device. One of the cold war’s souvenirs. On reading Rachel’s writings, about man playing with the atom, awakening an unnatural kind of radiation, I recalled the signals of this phantom Soviet radio station. In my mind, it is the sound I would give these intangible devils we have created (yet have not acknowledged). Radiation turns nature into poison. Nature, though altered, continues. We are the ones in danger of disappearing. 

-- Martha Riva Palacio 

[1] Audio file kindly authorized by SDR MK1 UVB76 Repeater: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) license