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Laurie's artist statement: Joan Logghe and I were paired for an art/poetry exhibition several years ago, and she visited the gallery that represents my photography in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she viewed this artwork Mother & Child that inspired her poem.  

Mother & Child is a "lenticular" photograph; when you pass by, what we normally see suddenly shifts or changes into what normally can't see - residue of pesticides. The .gif file that appears here is a simulation of the original work which is 21" X 17". 

Mother & Child was prompted by information that came on my radar about breast milk being one of the most contaminated foods, as most of us have pesticides that have been banned years ago and those now in use in our bodies. It adds to the narrative of those mother and child images from the High Renaissance. 

This image is part of a larger body of work titled Glowing Evidence; these are visualizations specifically for Silent Spring. I have been invited to speak about these images in many venues including The Eco-Farm Conference held in Pacific Grove, California, The Environmental Writers Honoring Rachel Carson in Maine, and various universities and museums.  

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The two images pictured above are part of UpNorth, an ongoing series by Barry Smylie. Click here to be redirected to UpNorth, which appears on Barry's website.

Barry's artist statement: I’m working on a series.  My vision departs from the usual Canadian view of the solitary unoccupied land, except for the artist painting it.  I see it populated, even with sketch artists.  I mean, I see it as I see it or at least how think it is.

 This is my most recent work, and it is occupying my mind the most. This ongoing series, which appears as an HTML gallery on my website, starts with an image that is linked to a larger image and sometimes a series of details.  Perhaps there are two more pieces which, if I can bring it off will state that the preserved public lands (national, provincial and state parks) belong to everyone. 

Ann Privateer is a poet, painter, photographer, and retired teacher from Cleveland, Ohio, who resides in northern California and spends part of the year in Paris, France, where she tries to keep up with her grand daughter, Lilas.  Ann's poems have appeared in Ink, Sweat, and Tears a UK Blog, Sacramento News and Review, Manzanita, Mamazine, Poetry Now, Ophidian, Tapestries, Suisun Valley Review, The Sacramento Anthology: One Hundred Poems,and Tiger's Eye to name a few. 

Ann's artist statement: Living in northern California provides a great opportunity to visit relatively unspoiled wetlands, rivers and streams, the mountains and the coast. Through photography, I'm able to keep a small piece of the view with me. The three pond photos were taken in the foothills in 2009, the rest are recent photos taken at the Yolo Bypass close to home off I-80.