The two images pictured above are part of UpNorth, an ongoing series by Barry Smylie. Click here to be redirected to UpNorth, which appears on Barry's website.

Barry's artist statement: I’m working on a series.  My vision departs from the usual Canadian view of the solitary unoccupied land, except for the artist painting it.  I see it populated, even with sketch artists.  I mean, I see it as I see it or at least how think it is.

 This is my most recent work, and it is occupying my mind the most. This ongoing series, which appears as an HTML gallery on my website, starts with an image that is linked to a larger image and sometimes a series of details.  Perhaps there are two more pieces which, if I can bring it off will state that the preserved public lands (national, provincial and state parks) belong to everyone. 


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