Earth Day Challenge for Kid Artists!

Presented by the Natural Resources Council of Maine

2012 is the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. This book, published in September of 1962, helped launch the environmental movement. The book changed our society through the connection of human beings with all other life around us. Rachel Carson demonstrated the effects of dangerous chemicals, most notably the pesticide DDT, on the environment, particularly on birds. Bald Eagles and other species suffered huge population declines as a result of this poison. Local youth were invited to create images of a pollution-free world in honor of Earth Day and Rachel Carson’s contribution to a cleaner environment. Their artwork is featured below.

Artwork submitted for this occasion was automatically included in our search for an image to use on a t-shirt for our Rachel’s Run and Kids’ Fun event on Saturday, September 29th, that will honor the 50th anniversary of Silent Spring. The event will raise funds for and awareness about NRCM’s ongoing work to keep toxic chemicals out of Maine’s air, water, wildlife, and forests.

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