I live at an intentional "sustainable" co-housing community called Ecovillage, at Ithaca, NY. Rachel Carson Way, is the road my village has chosen to lead to all our dwellings, it is the beginning of our slow commons.

My photograph The Other Road presents two roads, the smooth "highway," where you can see the tail end of a car speeding by, and a graveled dirt road with a "living roof" bus stop off to the side. The photo is from my point of view, where I am about to wait for public transportation. The road where I am standing, "Rachel Carson Way," has been my path for the past 10 years, where my family and I have chosen to travel. Ecovillage is not for everyone, it is not a utopia, there are many paths to environmental justice, this is just one way. There is still much to be done here at Ecovillage, Ithaca to make it a more socially equitable village, and "The Other Road" does not lead to a dead end, but to many informed optimistic beginnings.

-- Todd Ayoung


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