You have made
this place sacred
by your presence
and your intention of holiness.
When you left
for the winter
as snow began to fall
you said to yourself
“I’m sad not to be able
to come again till spring”
and then words appeared
in your mind as if by magic
“you are not alone in your sadness
my friend”
and then you knew
beyond a shadow of doubt
that we are not alone on the planet:
the earth, the trees, the animals
the flowers, the birds
and the all and the every
once thought mute can speak.
“The trees weep for your return”
is what was really said to me
that day on flower mountain
and my heart knew
this to be true;
it is such a small world
when consciousness
goes only one way.


11/29/2012 7:49am

it looks beautiful thank you! many blessings mudman johnson

Dan Godston
05/17/2013 9:32am

Thanks, Robert!


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